The Story About Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Stockists

The story about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a very interesting and intriguing one. Annie was born in Australia, but her parents moved to England while she was still a child. She studied fine art and design at University and for a while was a painter of murals for the well-to-do in England.

She became frustrated with the inability of the commercial paints to be able to be properly mixed in order to attain the rich colors available in artist paints, so she set out to correct the problem. In the process of developing that solution, she came up with her trademark chalk paint, which is not made of chalk, but is a paint that works extremely well for interior design purposes.

First of all, it is a paint that mixes very well to achieve many different hues and colors, and secondly it can be painted on with no sanding or undercoating required. Its finish is a very rich matt that allows the antiquing of furniture to fine finishes that are the envy of all.

The paint became an instant hit, and 25 years or so later, with 20 best-selling books under her belt, Annie Sloan, operating from Oxford England she has created a world-wide network of distributors she calls stockists.

Stockists are not to be taken lightly, as they are all very well trained and are experts in the use of the Annie Sloan brand. In fact the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Stockists are handpicked by Annie herself, and must show an aptitude for interior design and have the ability to teach others how to use the paint themselves.

Stockists set up their own retail operations and not only sell the paint but put on workshops and educational sessions to show people how to use it. To locate stockists, customers can go onto the Annie Sloan website and locate someone close by in the UK, Europe, The United States and Canada, Spain and South Africa.

The story of the lady in Des Moines, Iowa who had heard of Annie Sloan, but found that there was no local outlet that stocked it, so she called Annie on the phone from Des Moines to Oxford and had a nice chat. Annie suggested to the lady that she become a stockist, and that is just what she did.

Today her store in Des Moines serves about a 100 to a 150 area in the central Iowa and she has built a very successful business as one of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Stockists.

The key to the success of the phenomenal growth of the brand is not only the brilliance of the application of the paint itself, as it cut down on lots of sanding, adding primer coats of paint, and time of labor, but also the fact that the workshops are so popular.

The workshops can take a complete novice and in a very short time make them into a very accomplished person in refinishing and repainting furniture. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the rage worldwide.

The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Retailers

There are a number of problems with traditional paints. These not only contain highly toxic chemicals but they also have high quantities of volatile organic compounds. This is the reason that many people today are looking for non-toxic paints that are not only easy to use but also safe for their health.

Annie Sloan wanted a paint that could be applied easily and did not take too much time to dry. After years of research, she finally created a formula and that is now available in the form of Chalk Paint to craft lovers all over the world. There are thousands of interested buyers all over the world who are interested in more information on annie sloan Chalk Paint colors retailers. If you are also looking for this information, you have come to the right place.

While this paint has already become popular with artists, many people who discover this paint for the first time fall in love with it. It is so easy to use and so versatile that crafting an old piece of furniture becomes a fun activity and people end up spending a lot of time on crafting old pieces of furniture in their own vision.

There was a time when you had to spend countless hours sanding the furniture to get rid of the old finish before you could start painting it. One of the big advantages of this paint is that you can use it right over the existing finish. There is no need to get rid of the old finish as this paint can be applied on almost any surface you can think of.

All over the world, people have used it on various surfaces including wood, plastic, metal and other surfaces. Since this paint can be applied directly to the surface, it makes the whole process of painting faster and easier.

Another thing that separates this paint from other conventional paints is that it dries very quickly. Most of the other paints currently available in the market take many days to fully dry. However, this paint takes only a few hours to dry and you can start using your furniture on the same day of painting. In simple terms, you can easily paint your old furniture in the morning and start using it in the evening after letting it dry for a few hours.

It is an ideal paint for antique or vintage furniture. You can add water to this paint to thin it and paint over wood surface so that the underlying wood shows through the paint. However, this does not mean that this is the only way to use this paint. You can also apply it thick enough to cover everything that lies beneath.

The finish can be easily distressed by using sandpaper after the furniture has been painted. It adds character to the furniture by making it look old.

Many people are not aware of the fact that this paint is available in a lot of different colors. You can find over 30 colors on any of the annie sloan Chalk Paint colors retailers. It means that you can choose any color of your liking to go with the existing decor. This paint not only allows you to create furniture with distress look but it also saves you a lot of money.

Looking At The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Chart

If you want to use Chalk Paint it would be a good idea to spend some time looking at the annie sloan Chalk Paint colors chart. It would give you a good idea of what colors you can get and what you might want to use in your home. If you are stuck on the right shade it can really help you out and give you some ideas.

When it comes to different projects, color is very important. If you paint something the wrong shade it isn't going to look right. You will want to repaint it and that just takes extra time. It would be best to get it right the first time.

When you look at the annie sloan Chalk Paint colors chart, you can see all the colors that they offer. You can start with a shade you are thinking about going with and see if anything looks good to you. You will want to pick a color you like as well as one that will go with the rest of the room that your project is going to be in.

If you are still not sure about the color after looking at the chart you can ask other people what they think. Tell them what your project is and what the room it is going in looks like. Other people might be able to give you ideas.

Once you have picked your colors, plan to buy enough paint for what you need. Think about how much paint it will take and try to buy it all at one time. You don't want to run the risk of them running out of a color you need to finish your project.

Plan a day when you can paint and get everything done. You will need to have time to do this so you are not rushed. If you have young children it would be a good idea to have them be somewhere else so they don't get into the paints.

Once you are done, give your project enough time to dry. Make sure it is before you put it where it needs to go. You don't want to end up with paint everywhere. Move things around if need be and make sure you put it in a good place.

After you have it done and put where it is supposed to go, take pictures and share with friends. Let people see what you did and let them know what colors you used. They might want to try a similar project.

After you finish you might want to go and paint something else. There are a lot of things you can do and you can either stick with the same color or go with something different. Sometimes people spend all their free time painting projects and other people only do them once or twice a year. Find a good balance and enjoy painting and picking out colors when you have the chance to do so.

Working Simply and Easily With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has huge range or color even you can extend the range by combining two or more colors. Besides, the product contains low VOC and suitable for any surface without any sanding or priming.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is what people need when they want to coat any kind of surface, indoor or outdoor. Many people feel satisfied with this product since you can make any possible decorative color for your home for any room. Painting activity has never been safer and easier using this product. You will require almost nothing for your work safety. And why is that? Thanks to Annie Sloan for her revolutionary idea of painting. You will never have the same experience of ease and pleasure if using any other products.

As a most-influential-designer in the Great Britain, Annie Sloan is so creative when creating products. She thinks about the safety combined with easy-to-use idea to make for maximum result. With the huge range of color spectrum, you will have many colors that will color your home in style. You can also extend the color range by combining two or more colors. You will never run out of ideas of painting. You will have thousands of other ideas of painting, instead. Besides, working with this product is easy as pie.

Working With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

You might be busy with sanding or priming process before you do your painting work. That is going to cost you a lot of your precious time. Plus you will suffer that strong odor coming out from the product you use. But all of that thing will not happen if you use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products. Without any priming or sanding, you can simply apply the paint directly to the surface you want to paint. If you now and comprehend about some painting techniques, you will be able to create some unique and breathtaking results you will adore for the rest of your life.

You can create old look painting for your furniture with ease. You can learn the technique if you want. Or some crackle effect that will add a dramatic effect for your interior or indoor. You can also combined two or more painting techniques for an interesting, rich result that will make your home look beautiful and decoratively amazing. Girls must love it (Or boys no exception).

Why Choose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

There are many reasons why you should choose this decorative chalk paint from Annie Sloan. This chalk paint is basically made for girls so you do need to do some priming gore sanding as mentioned above. It also means that you do need any preparation before. It is good for the environment since it contains low VOC. It is also good for you’re as well. You can bring any color you want both indoor and outdoor so you will never be confused to buy many products that are specified for outdoor or indoor use.

It allows your walls to breath so that it will be perfect for your cottage or cabin. Since this paint is so flexible, you can come up with any possible ideas and jump into the other ones if you feel like it is not you want to be. Getting that nice grain wood is also simple and easy to make your furniture and floors look more interesting and unique. You can make your furniture durability last longer and also keep it stylish and decorative. With more than 20-year experience, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is tested and also tried so you do have to worry about the quality.

If You Are Beginners

It is not always think thoroughly before doing something like painting your furniture. Painting is one activity that requires more time. Make sure that you have prepared a certain time for this. A thing is that you do not need any sanding, priming, and stripping. When you are about to paint your furniture, decide which furniture you want to transform. Small furniture with simple surface is the best choice so that it is going to make you no to be pressured.

Make sure that your all supplies are ready to use. You can buy them from certain retailer near you. If not, you can order online and let them shipped. Done! Choosing the most ideal workspace that can supply you more room to breath and also to work with ease. If you have a room with natural lighting, that is the one since it can show the honest result of your painting. Secure your floor from paint drips. Use painter’s tape or any other product. It is not OK when your furniture turns into something gorgeous but not your floors.

Make sure you have cleaned the furniture you are about to paint. You can wipe it with a special cloth. Using hot water is always a good idea. It will remove any dust and invisible oil. Besides using hot water allow itself to dry soon. Now, it’s time to apply your first coat using this amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. When it is done and dried, you might find thousands of brushstrokes and that is normal. You can stop panicking right now.

It will take less than an hour for the first coating to dry and you can start for the second coating. When you start to paint this second coat, you will be surprised to find out those brushstrokes you have made earlier vanish instantly. You can do 3-4 coats to get a better result. Sometimes, 3 coats are enough. Do not let your brushes left untaken care of. Soak them into warm water and your brush paint will last long.

And for the final touch, you need to apply Annie Sloan Soft Wax. This wax will seal Annie Sloan Chalk Paint perfectly so you will make you paint more durable. Waxing is very important since it can prevent your furniture from any scratches. Just like the coating process, you can add two or more waxing steps for your tabletop because that part is most used. And voila! Your furniture piece has finally transformed new. I think you are ready enough for your next project. Enjoy the new look of your furniture piece and keep creative.